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About JMV LPS Limited

JMV LPS Limited, an organization established with the aim to offer best quality electrical safety products for almost every industry segment.

We are industrializing world class Grounding System & Copper Clad Steel Conductors, Lightning Protection System, Surge Protection Devices, Exothermic Welding System and Gel Based Cable Jointing Kit from designing till installation. Our comprehensive range of solution meets the need of today's residential, commercial and industrial electrical safety with utmost quality.

Leading The Nation Towards Electrical Safety

Grounding / Earthing

The grounding electrodes provide a low ground resistance and impedance and is...

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Lightning Protection System

To protect a home or building in the event of lightning a metal conductor or rod...

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Exothermic Weld System

A Graphite Mold is used for making exothermic welding connections which...

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Features Included

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JMV Copper Bonded Earth Rods are made from high tensile low carbon steel and each rod is molecularly bonded with 99.9% pure electrolytic copper......

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Jam Fill Compound

CHEMICAL EARTHING COMPOUND - JAM FILL JMV, a leading Manufacturer of chemical earth Compound (JAM Fill), brings forth the best and effective...

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FRP Earthing Inspection Pit Cover Earthing Inspection Pits can be manufactured from a variety of materials. FRP for its light weight is an ideal choice...

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Gel Based Cable Jointer

We can observe in houses and industries that an old and loosen the electrical contact may cause...

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Surge Protection Devices

JMV introduces Cable Jointer-Silicone Gel Based Cable Jointing Kit for making safe and reliable electrical joints...

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Solar Array Junction Box

We are offering a highly functional PV Array Junction Box, fabricated with the use of latest technology and is suitable...

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JC4 PV Connectors

Solar plants depend on dependable protection and performance from all apparatus, including modules and solo connectors....