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CHEMICAL EARTHING PRODUCTS - Maintenance Free Chemical Filled Earthing System

JMV is one of the leading company's engaged in manufacturing and supplying of maintenance free Chemical Earthing System in India. The company's plants and offices situated at Delhi, Noida and Uttrakhand and equipped with state-of-the art facilities and infrastructure. Our Chemical Earthing Products not only conforms to international standards but also priced reasonably. They are also certified by some of the national and International certification body like UL, CPRI, ROHS, CE, ISI, etc., JMV has high manufacturing standards and the name is trusted for its superior product quality. JMV has a long list of satisfied customers in every segments of the industry with some of the most reputed projects of national level and successfully serving to industries like telecom, petroleum, chemical, mines, electrical, aviation, wind, power etc.,

JMV always takes a holistic approach to all the aspects that requires in delivering a world class earthing product to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers with cutting edge solution.

JMV the chemical earthing manufacturer in india is the one stop solution provider for all types of chemical earthing solutions needs and selection of it gives the user highly reliable, quality earthing material, superior design, maintenance free earthing system that is build and designed to offer an alternate path for the fault current to flow and project the life of the user and equipment under fault condition. Our electrical earthing system provides least electrical resistance, good corrosion resistance and ability of dissipating high fault current. Our variant of Maintenance Free Chemical Grounding are as follows:

Copper Bonded Electrode

JMV Copper Bonded Earth Electrode System

GI Earthing Electrode

JMV GI Earth Electrode System

Copper Bonded Rods

 JMV Copper Bonded Earth Rods

Copper Electrode

JMV LPS Limited Copper Electrode

Earthing PIT Covers

JMV LPS limited Chemical Earth Pit Covers

Earthing Compound

JMV LPS Limited Chemical Earth Compound

ECO Earthing System

ECO Earthing System

Why Earthing is Essential ?

Earthing is an integral part of any electrical system and directly relates to the safety of human life and equipment and can't be ignored at any point in time. In an electrical installation Earthing or grounding is an electrical connection between the exposed metallic parts of an electrical appliance or installation and the earth regard to have an alternative path for leakage of faulty current to flow so exposed conductive part of the appliance does not reach a dangerous level of potential or voltage that endangers the user's life as well as life of the equipment. Our high quality earthing system for buidling, home, office, health etc. are highly appreciated by our customers across the nation for flawless and accurate results. JMV's fixed Earthing System for DG sets and Panels help start the generator and panels in an effective manner, leading uninterrupted functioning for long hours. Clients can avail these services at the market leading prices.