06 Jan, 2022

Setting up electric safety measures for energy hogs is extremely important in homes and businesses. It is reported that lightning happens every 30 seconds which induces surges into buildings, so installing a lightning protection system and surge protection devices should be at the top most priority while electric network designing. This is the only recommended way to protect the structure, people and electrically operated devices from electric hazards.

Basics on Power Surges:

Power surge is a swift increased wave of voltage occurring in every electric and electronic system and staying for just a few nanoseconds. They are a major concern and highly undesirable phenomenon that develop due to direct lightning or switching activity. It interrupts the normal flow of current which halts the continued functioning of any associated devices sensitive to these momentary voltage deviations. These momentary fluctuations do not occur at a predetermined timing and they are difficult to be detected by a voltmeter.

Aftermath of Power Surges on Electronics:

They are common disturbances in every electric network – small in size yet causing terrible damages to electronics. Electronic gadgets have played an important part in our life making it comfortable and convenient. Having a wider range of applications in every industry including sensitive sectors such as Healthcare and medical field – where the continued and proper functioning is required. The tiny and super sensitive components/ circuit boards in them can get easily damaged from voltage fluctuation. Hence, a proper lightning protection system is recommended at every level of the electric network to avoid electric and fire hazard.

What are the Main Reasons to Adopt the Best and Proper Rated Surge Protection?

1. Better surge protection devices are rapidly replacing old SPDs and breaker circuits due to the limited lifespan of breakers. More surges can gradually reduce the effectiveness of these devices. So, if your protection device has been in use for since long, then it might need a replacement. For some protectors, it is difficult to predict if they are still serving their purpose or not. 

2. More Joules impacts the life and protection of Surge Protection devices. We need to know the number of joules. SPD decides how long they can function and what amount of surges they can absorb. If the frequency of Surge occurrence is high, then the joules and functionality reduce proportionally. Say, if the Surge protector is 1000 joules, its recommended usage is six months only. For this reason, always grab the surge protector with more joules rating.

3. Inclusion of JMV make surge protector offers replacement warranties. Reputable Surge Protectors are known for their quality and capability to last long. At JMV, we offer surge protectors complying with: IEC 61643 & UL 1449 customized as per industry requirements. They are worth it our designers have experience and expertise handling customers at every level. We are the only Indian OEMs for Surge Protection Devices designed as per relevant standards.

4. Potential data loss prevention the data loss can be due to various reasons, among which surges are a common cause. Surges are catastrophic events that could damage PC and related devices and their data. Backup is not a part of our daily business, and it means that your passwords, important documents, and every such thing are at risk due to surges if no proper protection provision is in place. Installing SPD of appropriate rating can come to reduce during surge events. 

5. Huge financial and productivity loss can happen as the surges put the life of expensive and important devices at risk. However, being connected to a high-quality protection unit ensures that your building and devices are protected against electric hazar.