24 Aug, 2021

As we know there are numerous blasts occurring in electronic equipment due to reverse surges, ground potential rise, over-voltages, and so on. To avoid such menace, protection is a necessity after buying electronic equipment.

Here Comes a Question How?

An digital grounding system is the solution as this device is composed to provide protection against fault current & transients. The sudden rise in voltage is termed as surge and the occurrence of the same leads the electronic device toward its explosion. So, the installation of an digital grounding system prevents dangers as it offers common grounding, surge elimination, equipotential function, and many more. The best part of the device is it doesn’t require grounding rods to be buried in order to neutralize the developed fault current and are perfect for rocky and hilly areas.

Basically, threatening situations instance by the cause of unfortunate effects of surges/transients to structure electronic, transmission, IT equipment, etc., which are the unpredictable failing & damage due to the absence of an impeccable protection solution? So, the ideal solution digital grounding system provides protection for all of them. To install the same, you just have to connect the load of the equipment on the busbar provided on grounding module, and connect the grounding module with a reference earth coming on the transformer or from the LT panels.

Technical Features:

1. Provide continuous power for numerous equipment such as control equipment, communication/transmission equipment, and many more with decreased impedance power supply for the optimum working of the systems.

2. Manage incoming power & transmit the energy comprising by surges, noise, and etc. to the surge dissipater entity and refine for the purpose of filtering impedances or any HF Noise, RFI, EMI, and etc.

3. Earth Termination System and Surge protection can be executed simultaneously.

4. The Integrated surge protection is applicable for Radar systems, IT systems, broadcasting stations, mobile vehicle systems, monitoring and control systems, PLC, CCTV, and so on.


1. It protects from indirect power surges, fault current etc.

2. There is no requirement of supplementary grounding rods.

3. It has a neutral-ground potential difference of less than 0.5V.

4. It arrives with low earthing resistance as it is based on advanced technology.

5. Device is designed as per appropriate standards.

6. Anti-corrosive in nature.

7. Sustain adverse atmospheric conditions.

8. Installation is simple and time-saving.

At last, we can say that this is the safeguard as it has a portable unit with the minimum area and installation complications. This system can be used at one or other remote places, or even in the mobile application. Regular maintenance is not needed and doesn’t require continuous inspection.