Class B+C is a coordinated AC Surge protection device which is a combination of Class B and Class C SPD to maintain the coordination or to protect the sensitive electronics from unwanted surges.

Class B+C Lightning cum switching surge protector is the most upgraded version of protection devices specifically designed for very sensitive or remote equipment.

Class B+C surge protection devices ( Type I+II Surge Protectors) are designed by combining Class B (10/350us) and Class C (8/20 µs) lightning & switching surge to be used in the equipotential connection of LPZ 0 and LPZ 2 zone. This coordinated SPD shall be used where the coordination between two SPD's has to be maintained. 

When the distance between two SPD's is more than 10 meters then the coordination has to be maintained between the two SPD's. It is available in single phase as well as in three phase.

  • JMV/B+C/1 NPE
  • JMV/B+C/3 NPE