Digital lightning strike counter or lightning strike tracker is used for automatic recording of the number of lightning strikes which came upon your buildings, industries, or any type of firm it is along with date & time to analyse the strikes accordingly.

Reckon the risks to execute excel results-

As these High Voltage Lightning flashes-over contains huge amount of electrical energy from several hundred to thousands and even though of a very short duration can cause tremendous damage and destruction. That’s why JMV brings another Digital Technology, which can now automatically record the number of lightning strikes which came upon the buildings. The sensor of the counter is integrated in the circuit so that no additional sensor is needed.


Digital lightning strike counter (JMV/DLSC-8D) work on the real time data, which help you in recording event with date and time. We don’t have to worry about physical damage of this counter as it is made of plastic and flame-retardant material which do not catch fire easily. JMV offers Lightning Strike Counter that is governed by the requirements specified in IEC 62561-6. This product came up with the LCD display with rating of IP 67. It has the ability to detect minimum current of 1KA to 100KA.      


Digital lightning strike counter (JMV/DLSC-8D)