JMV offers a highly advanced combination of surge protection devices for the power supply unit and the receiving equipment.

F-type surge protector stands for DC power equipment's. JMV manufactures the F-type surge protector that cater protection to cable TV, satellite TV, security TV systems and TV receptors against surges or over-voltage's. F- type surge protection device serve the secure shield that prevents the LCD and other signal equipment from surges induced in wave signals. The installation of this surge protectors can be done along with the equipment and the protection zone is LPZ 2 or LPZ3. Thus, the protection level delivered by the f-type surge protector is more than 600V. This surge protection device has three accessible ports i.e., 2, 3 and 4. Basically f-type surge protector grant the safeguard solution for antenna and aerial devices.

  • JMV/F-2/M
  • JMV/F-3/M
  • JMV/F-4/M