Isolating spark gaps have been designed to isolate electrical system.

The isolating spark gaps is one of the imperative device in surge protection as it serve the cathode protection in oil and gas pipeline. The Cathode surge protection devices protect the equipment from corrosion. This surge protection device works against the lightning and switching surges. The relative humid isolating spark gaps can bear more than 95%. This surge protector stands for equipotential bonding thus grant the conductive connection in gas pipeline components. JMV manufacture the highly efficient isolating spark gaps surge protection device which is tested as per IEC 61643-11 standard. This surge protector is based on gas discharge technology that maintain the balance of voltage level in gas pipelines. The isolating spark gaps surge protection device can be installed in damp rooms, outdoors and inside the building. It is an optimum quality device that lasts up-to ages.

  • JMV/ISG-100