Inflatable Tower Light

In case of any emergency or temporary requirement of illumination such as in rescue operations, at any remote location, public events etc. mainly the gensets, flood lights and loose wires are used in order to illuminate a certain area. Most of the time, it is very difficult to carry big gensets in remote areas or on mountain/hilly areas or in water bodies/disaster sites.

JMV is now up with inflatable (balloon) lighting system designed specially to meet portable lighting needs. It provides 360o glare free illumination over an area the size of a cricket field. The well-lit area offered by it reduces the risk of injury and accidental death by providing a safe and bright working environment at night. It is the most efficient product for emergency response, construction work, public events and remote locations. It is easy to transport and has the minimum installation time of nearly 3 minutes.

Portable Inflatable Emergency Lighting System