Implementation of best technologies to have the best defense system for the country

JMV is a known name when it comes to defense industry. We are regularly indulged in multiple projects of high-level electronic laboratories coming under DRDO, BEL, Ordinance Factory, L&T Defense etc. to serve them with the best and practical solution to achieve the better electrical safety by having proper earthing system, lightning protection system and surge protection devices.

When we are talking about the high-end technologies and/or electronic equipment, they require an advance and accurately designed earthing system to protect them from any fault generation. Being the leading OEM and with the largest infrastructure, we are very much capable to provide you the accurate design for your most sensitive electronics along with the simulation and validation of the design in order to achieve the desired value. Also, they require the surge protection devices at various levels to protect them from the effect of surge generation in the system. We are having the largest in-house design team with the well-trained designers to assist you with the designing as per IS 3043, IEEE 80, IS/IEC 62305, NBC 2016.

Also, we are providing the intelligent grounding module which is a latest innovation in the field of safety for protecting the sensitive electronics where we are not able to achieve the desired resistance value and voltage level between line and neutral with the physical earth, we shall use this device to achieve desired values without having the requirement of physical earthing. It is best suitable for the areas like hilly areas and higher resistivity locations.

Also, we are having the India’s first in-house testing lab facility to ensure the best quality of each and every component that to be installed. Having an in-house testing department, we are very much capable to conduct the testing as per latest IEC codes.

For defense segment, JMV is not bound till Earthing, Lightning Protection & Surge Protection Devices. We are also dealing in Ammunition Boxes, Hand-held Search Lights, Inflatable Light Towers, High-end Security Cameras.