The copper coated steel conductor is fabricated with 99.99% coating of pure copper on steel.

The robust solution for electrical conductivity in earthing system is termed as "copper coated steel conductor". JMV incorporates this conductor by forming a 99.99% copper coating over steel. This conductor is very effective and have corrosion repulsive in nature. The copper coated steel conductor comply various worldwide electrical safety standard i.e., IS 3043, IEEE 80, IEC 62561-7 and NBC 2016. The copper coating over a steel core is being processed by a molecularly bonding for continuous conductivity along with pester free jointing system. Moreover, it provides a low resistance value of earthing and can resist the mechanical abuses as well. We cater this solid technique as per our client demand those lasts up to many years comparatively to Galvanic Iron. Furthermore, the remarkable copper coating thickness remains the same forever.