Intelligent Grounding System

Because of the rapid growth of technology in today's world, the importance and use of electronic devices have risen. However, maintaining the electronic safety of the system's equipment might be problematic at times. JMV has handled this difficulty for you all as a solution provider.

JMV has developed an Intelligent grounding system for the digital age. This device was created to address our problems while installing an earthing solution for sensitive electronics where two or three earth pits are insufficient to achieve the appropriate earth resistance value. The intelligent grounding system is premised on the idea of a "non-buryable grounding device". The purpose of this system is to function as a grounding system. By connecting sensitive equipment to the useable ground, anomalous voltage and induced transients are eliminated, and the surge is transformed into other kinds of energy such as heat and arc energy, which dissipates the surge and produces a safety system.

The Intelligent Grounding System is an energy conversion device that works in conjunction with the neutralizing unit to establish a proper ground. Surge-damaged sites, reverse surge damages, ground potential rise dangers, and negative effects of surges/transients on networked electronic, communication, and IT equipment, to mention a few examples, are all unanticipated defects and losses caused by the lack of a perfect protective solution. Intelligent Grounding systems with common grounding, equipotential function, fault current removal, and no need for grounding rods that are specifically intended to accomplish perfect grounding solution aims. This device is a multifunctional intelligent grounding system that works to eliminate transients or fault currents and can be used as a grounding and power surge protection device for border surveillance, rocky and mountainous areas, IP CCTV network subsystems, and other applications.

As we all know, the line to neutral voltage plays an important role in properly working the expensive, sensitive electronics. Sometimes, it isn't easy to achieve the L-N voltage as less than 0.5 V. Here, comes into the picture, we especially designed Earthing Solution specifically designed to offer proper earthing connection to our electronic equipment. As we all know, the line to neutral voltage is critical to the appropriate operation of expensive and sensitive devices. It can be challenging to get the L-N voltage less than 0.5 V at times. Here, our carefully built Earthing Solution comes into play, which is exclusively engineered to provide adequate earthing connection to our electronic equipment.

This intelligent grounding system provides various features, such as an indicator light, a multi-strike diverter, an energy dissipater, a noise filter, and a neutralization unit, to protect electronic devices from faults. It preserves incoming power and transfers energy from surges, noise, and other sources to the surge dissipater unit and filters, among other things, to filter RFI, EMI, and HF noise. A portable unit takes up the least amount of space and requires the least effort to set up. The system can be employed in a single or multiple remote locations and a mobile application. It does not necessitate ongoing maintenance or inspection.

Intelligent grounding module