Intelligent Grounding System- a grounding solution to safeguard the sensitive electronics without actually require the physical earth.

This across-the-board solution can be installed in rocky, sandy and hilly areas without any difficulty. It is designed in such a way that it does not require any additional earthing elements for better and effective results such as grounding rods, conductors, pit covers and busbar etc. It is advised that this intelligent grounding system is to bring in use only for highly sensitive electronic equipments.

Intelligent grounding system is an electronic device which JMV has innovated to provide a safe grounding system to the sensitive electronic equipment. Sometimes what happens with electronics, one has to maintain the L-N voltage to be less than 0.5 V but at some locations like rocky areas where the soil resistivity is so high, it is impossible to maintain the requirement because of which the probability of system failure increases.

This device comprises of heat dissipation unit along with surge suppression unit. At the time of fault, this module converts the fault current into heat and dissipate it by using heat dissipation unit. It does not need any physical earthing pit. It only requires the reference earth connection which can be achieved by the connected transformer and distribution panel.

This device also works for the suppression of power surges so that your electronic equipment will be saved if any power surge occurs.

Model No: 

                     Single Phase                      Three Phase
               230V/160KA/2.5KW                       440V/100KA/2.5KW
                 120KA/2.5KW                  120KA/2.5KW
                 160KA/5.0KW                  160KA/5.0KW
                  240KA/5.0KW                   240KA/5.0KW
                  320KA/10KW                   320KA/10KW
                  420KA/10KW                    420KA/10KW
                   480KA/10KW                    480KA/10KW