30 Oct, 2021

Lightning Risk assessment is the examination that measures the risks involved in a lightning strike and possibility of damages. It evaluates the lightning risks to the competence according to national and international standards requisites. The calculations have been accomplished by following IS/IEC 62305-2 Standard. In simple words, we can verbally express that lightning risk assessment software avails you to give the consummate risk assessment with a few elementary clicks. By utilizing the software, we can determine the structure of safety against lightning strikes.

IS/IEC 62305-2
NBC 2016

Risk Evaluation: For the purpose, the software guides you to calculate the level of protection by assessing all the losses and risk factors as per the standards. This is done by determining the intensity of lightning risk to the building and correlating with the tolerable values. As a result, it will let you know the values of calculated risks at the selected level of protection to ensure that we can design the building on the same level.
Software Calculation: The software provides proper calculations which are predicated on lightning strike density, how many people are in peril, dimensions and height of the structure, surrounding vicinity, relative location of site, fire hazards, safety measures, associated accommodations, electrical lines, lightning auspice level, surge arrestor and so on.
Login Process & Report Generation: To use the software, first the user has to register him/her, and then they’ll get the login id and password to process the same on their own.

For Assessing the Software:

•    Assessment of environmental circumstances and bearable risk factors.
•    Determine the risk of a lightning strike and the possibility of damages.
•    Vital deliberation, User-friendly software system.
•    Facilitate users to break a structure into numerous zones to feature high-risk areas.
•    Diverse remotely linked structure.
•    Grant users to carry out and watch different risk assessment cases.
•    Estimate protracted irreplaceable damage
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