17 Nov, 2021

Are your Surge Protection Units tested and adhering to NBC and IEC recommendations?

The primary concept of this session is to consider and urge the importance and the selection process of Surge protective devices (SPDs) offering protective functions.  

The ideal surge protection system is to provide adequate shielding from lightning or switching transients by perfectly bonding and earthing it to ground. Surge protector devices (SPDs) in essence should be able to impart protective functions and performance parameters in order to be suitable for use in corresponding protection concepts under extreme operating conditions. SPDs are the solution for your electrical and electronics equipment, control automation and networking device which are manufactured, tested, and classified according to their own Indian/ International series of product standards.

The true mark of quality for surge protection devices connected to low-voltage power systems and key areas where protection is necessary further must be subjected to the requirements and test methods specified by the latest IEC/EN 61643 and IS/IEC 62305-4.
JMV make transient suppressing devices protecting against these electric burst– 
Primary and secondary protection modules made of Metal oxide varistor, Gas discharge tube, silicon avalanche diode, etc. or it can also be a combination of any of these and applicable for lot of new age electrical/ electronic components be it small, delicate and sensitive in every sector – computer system and its peripherals, substations, communication lines, security and surveillance system, electrical equipments, solar industry, oil and gas, wind turbines, etc. 

Class B surge suppressors installed at the main service panel are for protection against surges injected into your facility via direct lightning strike or indirect means through several pathways further acts against the powerful voltage spikes in 10/350 µs whereas Class C series of switching transient suppression unit are connected in parallel to the devices so as to protect the associated device from switching surges of 8/20 µs. There are special type of surge protectors which is a combination of both class B and class C and acts against both lightning induced voltage fluctuations and for those induced due to frequent switching activity.

Product Certification and Approvals:
Product certification and approval from a NABL accredited testing institute is vitally important as its application is associated with sensitive equipments for which the highest safety and integrity of the SPDs should be ensured.

The governing requisite placed on SPDs often require extremely complex yet important 23 nos of tests as per the mandatory standard IEC 61643 that only a few testing laboratories in the world are fully capable of carrying out. At JMV, we have fully equipped NABL accredited test center for SPD testing as per the obligatory IEC standard. As an Internal Lightning Protection System to protect against Lightning & Switching Surges, we offer complete range of Surge protection devices complying to IS/IEC 62305-4 of wide voltage and current rating as it is a mandatory recommendation by National Building Code. 

Explaining the latest technology which should be adopted with SPD for complete internal and external safety of the structure and upgrading the safety solution - 
Proper earthing system is mandatory where in replacement of Traditional Pipe & Plate Earthing with Salt & Charcoal backfilling, standard is recommending Maintenance free earthing system which is inclusive of Solid Rod technology based low carbon high tensile steel rods molecularly bonded with min. 250 microns copper coating with an earth enhancement material of less than 0.12 ohm-meters as per IS 3043: 2018. Along with which the standard also propose a permanent jointing system i.e. exothermic welding system for buried earthing connections against mechanical joints (Arc Welding, Nut & Bolt and Brazing) as per latest NBC 2016 with which this earthing technology is offering a life of +40 years. 

As a part of infrastructure development and safety regulations, Lightning Protection System as per IS/IEC 62305 standard & National Building Code (NBC 2016) is mandatory whichg can be installed at the building phase itself or can be installed outside the structure. A latest revision of IS/IEC 62305 standard & National Building Code (NBC 2016)  propose an Air terminal network, down conductor, bonding techniques, maintenance free earthing methods and practices.