28 Dec, 2021

Guide to make informed decision on appropriate surge protector
Electric power enhances and enriches every plane of our life so the protection of this electric power circuit is essential. There had been some gradual breakthrough in the electric safety norms in the last decade which clearly states the need for surge protection devices for every electric/ electronic circuit. Surge protection devices together with external lightning protection are an important prerequisite as they are installed to defend transient surge conditions.

Surges Explained in Brief:

Surges or voltage transients are short overvoltage spike in the normal voltage conditions which causes important devices to shut off, degrade, damage or malfunction at your home, businesses or commercial building, etc. Major source of these fault occurrences are – direct lightning, switching activity, electromagnetic induction, circuit overloading, etc. and the effect of this can be – devices to stop functioning properly or it can initiate fire hazard.

Below are Important Types of Surge Protection Units as Per the Application:

1. Induced energy caused by lightning strikes is the most familiar concept when talking of electric fault sources. Be it distant or a nearby strike, they carry huge amount of energy which when induced on a transmission line or cables get transferred to the power input of homes and business and has significant destruction potential. The impulse characteristic of lightning is 10/350µs which has to be blocked from entering into our facility for the safety of equipments and the concerned occupants/ users. Here it calls for the use of IEC 61643-11 compliant primary surge protection unit Class B/ Type 1 to be installed at the mains panels to detect the lightning surges and divert them safely to the earth.

2. Another key cause of surges are due to frequent switching activity which generates surges of the waveform 8/20µs, capable of gradual or sudden destruction of your electrical gear. Surges induced in such a way will make your electric devices to stop working to our respite for which you need to add Class C/ Type 2 SPD is installed at equipment level recommended as per IEC 61643-21. 

3. Electric and electronic equipments are to make our lives easier so have technologically evolved and are now manufactured of complex circuitry making is susceptible to both lightning and switching surges which stipulates the installation of protector offering dual protection. Hence, we have special and advanced protection units called Class B+C SPDs which are the dual integrated protector for lightning and switching surges.

4. Terrible and devastating are the after effects of the surges generated internally causing internal component damage, logic failure, system downtime, etc. for which we have point of use surge protection devices classified as Class D surge protectors. They are special protectors extremely useful in the industries such as - Telecom Industry, AC/ DC power lines, Signaling And Communication Devices, Security And Surveillance System, Data Centers, LED lightning poles, Solar Industry, Oil and Gas pipeline industry, etc. They should be chosen as per the voltage and current rating that suits your site requirement as they are critical for the above mentioned industries.

JMV has emerged as a promising brand and the only Indian OEM of Surge Protection Devices; designing and manufacturing complete range of lightning and Surge Protection system protecting your building and installations inside by diverting transient overvoltage safely to the ground. SPDs are compact and now up with high tech features such as end of life LED indications, IP Rated, showing the surge counts, etc. They can be easily installed and extracted further they are also IEC and CE compliant product tested from NABL accredited labs. SPD installation along with external surge protectors is quintessential as they can enhance the functions life of electric and electronic equipments.