28 Dec, 2021

Cost Optimization With Renewable Energy Sources And Maximizing Life Of Solar Power Plant

In India, we have already decided to go solar as we are most times under the wrath of sun. This abundant supply of sunlight made us to focus more on alternative source of clean energy from sun harnessed and further transmitted to various outlets. The increasing popularity of solar power generation in power sector is because it can offer viable future; saving money and fuel.

Under solar missions and rooftop schemes, Indian government is pushing major organizations to go solar and 100% renewable owing to its high reliability and low cost. Going with green is the only option to - save fuel, reduce pollution, save money and meeting the increased energy demands.

What Is the Need for Solar Grid Installation:

You can reap the benefit of clean power and lower cost with the installation of rooftop solar grid installation. Unbelievable is the amount of power generation capacity of this free source of energy as it can easily provide many times the total required demand for power generation. Grid connected solar panels are designed and installed to get maximum power extracted at all conditions which is as per the load calculation or sanctioned load. With this, we shall be ready for a better and safe future as it is clean, non polluting solution and emit zero percent of carbon into the atmosphere.

Protection Technology to Achieve Its Maximum Potential:

Say you have to install solar power plant on your rooftop and you reside in lightning prone area. Unfortunately lightning are not so uncommon now, hence the importance of having lightning protection system is high and it must not be ignored. As the solar power system is always installed on the rooftop of any structure exposed to hostile environment, they can easily get hit such natural hazards. The efficiency of the plant can be maximized with installing conventional lightning protection system which can easily conduct the high bolt of lightning and shall not hamper the working of solar panels and the associated electrical grid installations. We at JMV have successfully modeled and designed lightning protection system which is a technology widely adopted as per the international standard IS/IEC 62305 & National Building Code (NBC 2016), the latest revision clearly defining the need of lightning protection system for structures in a lightning risk zone. Risk analysis is conducted and then using flexible tools we design Air terminal network, down conductor and grounding practices which offers complete protection.

With the aim of reforming the power sector, care should be given to maximize its life so the ground termination system is an important factor for achieving maximum out of the installation and it is recommended as per IS 3043: 2018 & NBC 2016 that it should be made of copper bonded steel conductor surrounded with earth enhancement conductor.

Surge protection devices play a vital role essentially for PV installations as they work against transient surges. Surge protection devices of appropriate rating are smart devices designed to be capable of discharging surges to the ground. Solar system being the framework of highly complex and intricate electric connectivity is susceptible to power surges. Power surges can damage those electric networks and components causing system failure or downtime. Hence, the solar/ PV surge Protection Device as per IEC 61643 and IEC 62305 are engineered to cater the need to defend the power surges.

Solar powering system when affected by Lightning hit, surges or ground faults can in the long run cause major damage to system and associated circuitry. Making a switch to solar should also include in the installation of lightning and surge protection provision to eliminate electric faults encroaching in the system or its associated components and enhancing the overall system efficiency.