25 Aug, 2021

As we know, in any electrical installation there are numerous connections must be present thus holds risk of electric shocks, short-circuit, system explosion and so on. To diminish all the menace, the installation of earthing system is required by calculating the risk in all given areas and parameters etc. Earthing system creates the alternative path for the fault current that dissipates directly into the ground and ensure the safety. It also avoids the electrical appliance breakage due to the flow of over-current. To construct a proper earthing & grounding management the accurate earthing sytem design is very important.

Here Comes a Question How to Design Best That Assure the Protection Finest.
• Proper study of soil structures.
• Accurate value of Ground potential rise.
• Step and touch value.
• Earth Resistance value. 

The Cdegs Software Accomplished All the Necessity for the Exact Earthing Designing.
• Analyzes the multiple layer soil resistivity.
• Earthmat, Earthgrid and substation designing.
• True touch and step and ground potential rise value.
• Can design the earthing on many materials such as

Copper, Copper Bonded and So on:
• Transmission line earthing designing is applicable.
• Provide water level report in 3-D plane.
• Calculates the fault current distribution.
• EMI and EMC study is also possible.

CDEGS better than old method of earthing designing that is termed as Excel sheets. When we prepare a design through excel sheets calculations so the outcome must lead us toward the overdesign or the under-design study as it incorporates many disadvantages which are listed below:

Drawbacks of Excel Sheets:
• Proper validation of soil structure is not appropriate.
• Only single value input is pertinent.
• Over-design holds the risk to system failure.
• Under-design invites the threat of electrical harm.

The another doubt arises to switch the earthing designing into the other software such as ETAP and many more. In such manner, there are many drawbacks of the another software that are given below:

Drawbacks of ETAP:
• It provides only two layer study of soil.
• Take the average value of mother soil.
• Earthing design stands on virtual line.
• Impossible to attain accurate value.
• Not reliable for exact earthing.

In the CDEGS software, the module named 'FFTSES' provide the full electrical analysis that grant protection earthing designing from transients or surges. The MALZ module calculates the current leakage, magnetic field, potential distribution and so on.

The CDEGS software is the approved one by the IEEE 80 standard to prevent electrical dangers by performing an earthing system. The software comprises numerous modules which give the proper knowledge to select the conductor and the designing of the same is also applicable.