14 Sep, 2021

JMV’s LED indication SPD for 24x7 monitoring to ensure the world of continued protection
The voltage fluctuations or variations caused due to direct lightning or switching activities rushing into your devices can be disastrous leading to fire hazards or can put a halt to the normal function of your devices. In today’s sophisticated microcosm, extremely sensitive micro components at risk from surges are majorly required to get to grips with. Have you ever wondered why gradual but severe damages of electric/ electronic equipments in your households and workplaces and thought of any solution to these power problems? This gradual depletion in product life is mainly due to power surges i.e. increase in previously steady voltage and on that account installing surge protection devices would help prolong the product life.

Devices plugged directly into an outlet exposed to hostile environment and those staying indoors are susceptible to the event of power surges or spikes. Despite being indoors, your devices plugged directly to power outlet leads to reduce the lifespan of your electronics and are not assured safety. They can still be at risk by the power strikes and surges encroaching inside the facility via the transmission lines and communication lines due to direct lightning occurances. It is now easy to tackle the major cause of surges such as – lightning surges, frequent switching activities, electromagnetic induction, etc just by incorporating a surge arrester. Surges are unpredictable events that can hit your electronics at any point of time.
How is your surge protection installation effective until and unless it gives you a clue on how long it will remain active?

Unveiling Spds With Led Indication in Place to Monitor Its Working:

SPD installations afford protection against the surge events but this is only possible if the connected SPD is healthy and working. To serve the purpose, being aware of the operating status of SPD is of utmost importance. Can we desire to have Surge suppressors that never fail? This is a hopeless desire rather there are ways to predict when an electrical unit has failed or needs replacement.

Surge suppressor and its internal components can become faulty due to repeated occurrences of surge events or ageing effect. Hence, thorough information on monitoring of the protecting device is necessary to ensure continuous protection and system availability. The SPD with progressive indication is designed and manufactured referring to mandatory standard IEC 61643.
Implementing visual indication with 5 successive LED lights effectively shows the remaining life of SPD and indicates the healthiness of the SPD so that any damage will not occur to the associated system keeping the facility fully protected in case of failure of Surge protector.
Continues monitoring becomes essential as fault detection in the surge protection device(SPD) is  immeasurable and not immediately noticeable so SPDs come with progressive indication manufactured by JMV. We have used visual indications to determine the healthiness of the SPD module as it can be easily noticed. It has visual indication where red light indication tells when replacement of the same is needed and green light informs about the proper functioning of device and is in accurate state. As we know that the surge protection device eliminates the risk of surge thus for continued and unbeatable protection of the device, the installation of the SPD with progressive indication is essential.
We therefore recommend that it has become important that at the construction stage of a facility or a building, or at later renovation or retrofitting installation, the electrical engineer incorporate SPDs with monitoring system for the facility to provide an approach that will satisfy the purpose.
For every industry, JMV is offering wide choice of SPDs with monitoring system should be implemented for users and operators to get the status of the installed protection unit and maintain surge protection within the facility.