AC/DC Surge Protection Devices are the cost-effective solution.

AC/DC surge protection device is designed for AC appliances and DC installation as this surge protector cascaded along with the AC and DC power equipment. Mainly this AC/DC surge protector works for a communication devices that diminish the induced transients and surges in the telecom and signalling electronic equipment. This surge protector have the remote signalling feature with the indication characteristic of fault in the device. JMV offer the nominal voltage surge protector with 12V, 24V, 48V, 110 and 230V. This device grant the IP20 rating with the fire-retardant housing material. The AC/DC surge protection device also having a pluggable feature with the nominal discharge current of 5kA. We cater the tested surge protector as per IEC 61643-21 standard.

  • JMV/12-5
  • JMV/24-5
  • JMV/48-5
  • JMV/110-5
  • JMV/230-5