Serial port lines (RS 232, RS 485) are highly sensitive lines which are quite prone.

JMV design the DBm9, 15 and 25 surge protection devices that provide protection in AISG lines, control lines and sensors. We offer the protection against electrical transients or over voltage's. This device can be installed in the series between I/O port and data cable in equipment. The electrostatic discharges can be diminished by practicing the DB9, 15 and 25 surge protection device along with the remote sensing, database and server components. Basically it generates a safe shield to guard the data cables. Smooth connectivity of data occurs via DB 9 , 15 and 25 surge protectors with minimum signal loss in data cables. This surge protection device is tested as per standard IEC 61643-21 with IP 20 rating protection. Thus, the risk factor in data disturbance can be eliminated easily.

  • JMV-DB9
  • JMV-DB15
  • JMV-DB25