30 Oct, 2021

As we know the problems come without saying and when it comes to disaster arrival for armed forces then it appears more dangerous as soldiers are the life-savior of the nation. By considering this fact, inflatable tower light is being manufactured and it helps to operate rescue missions without any hindrance.

A Hindrance leads to the question of which/how and why.

So here comes the answer whenever the blackout or darkness issue arises then inflatable tower light comes as a temporary illumination which is the ideal solution for emergency situations. Especially for defence the tower light uses blowers, inbuilt gensets, lamps, and then it brightens up the area through with its illumination.


  1. Time-saving device.
  2. Prevents from loose wiring.
  3. Doesn’t carry big gensets in remote fields.
  4. Perfect for mountainous area.
  5. Portable device and can be settled easily.


For the purpose, the user has to first start the generator which is simple as it can be operated by switching facility then blower which exaggerate the cloth to a height of 4.5 meters from ground level. Furthermore, the user switches on the lamp which administers the glare-free illumination into wider area within a few minutes.


  1. Engine stroke is 4.
  2. Towering Extension time is less than 60 seconds.
  3. Maximum closing time is 4 minutes.
  4. Provide 42000Lumen Brightness across the field.
  5. Outfitted with the 400W Metal Halide light source.
  6. Capacity of the tank is 8 liters.
  7. Tower Height is 4.5 meters.
  8. Weight of Tower approx. 45Kg.
  9. Generator Model Petrol.
  10. Weight Tolerance / Dimension ± 5%.


  1. Convenient for the army (military engineer services, command and etc.)
  2. Usable for Air force such as headquarter flight safety services.
  3. Profitable for Division services (security, engineering branch, fire services, and so on).
  4. Effective for Navy services.
  5. Beneficial for aviation branch.

In conclusion, we can say that inflatable Tower light holds multiple benefits as it is easy to transport, deployment is quick, inbuilt with the power source, provide glare-free light and all the above-mentioned facts show that the inflatable tower light is worthwhile for defence.