JMV offers a reliable earth leakage detector that manage the insulation leakage efficiently.

The Earth Leakage Detector (ELD) measures the insulation resistance of a single or three phase AC or DC network that is not earthed. It can keep track of four separate AC or DC power sources. Insulation failures can also be identified in a network that uses rectifiers or thyristors to feed a load. The leakage of the insulation is monitored by the LCD display (given on the front of the device) and the audio visual alarms start indicating the fault, if it occurs (i.e. insulation drops to a certain level). Thus, this device has twin indication system for leakage, through which we can easily overcome the faults well before the occurrence of any major defect in our electrical system. In other words, we can say that Earth leakage detector is modularly designed, keeping in mind the preventive maintenance of the insulation resistance.