JMV has developed a range of surge protection modules for low voltage lines or telecom equipment

MDF surge protector stands for three ports i.e., 10, 30L and 30L-3X. These ports are available for the connection to network based telecom equipment. Thus, the connection provided by MDF surge protector manage the voltage fluctuation that creates surges into the telecom devices. MDF surge suppressor is designed to protect chip-based electronic devices. JMV fabricates the MDF surge protector that can bear nominal fault current up-to 5kA. MDF surge suppressor is a modified device that restrict the wiring system. Furthermore, this surge protector protect the data transmission system and industrial networks etc. This device withstands same in -40ᵒC to +80ᵒC temperature with the protection degree of IP20. We offer tested MDF surge protector as per standard IEC 61643-21.


  • JMV-D10
  • JMV-D30L
  • JMV-D30L-3X