Data line surge protector is a cable that connects from the router to the computer.

RJ 45 dataline surge protector is a cable type connector that should be installed along with CAT 5 cables. JMV fabricates dataline surge protectors which protect data electrical equipment's against induced   over-voltage's. This surge protectors preserves the LAN interfaces, DDS, Dial-up Modems and ISDN etc.RJ45 dataline surge protectors have various number of ports i.e., 1, 4, 8, 12 and 16. This surge protection device make a safe connection in data cables and have ≤25ns response time against surges. RJ45 dataline surge protectors have IEC 61643-21 testing standard. This surge protectors can be used in TCP/IP network. Dataline surge protection devices stands for DC power. We offer this surge protection device in many applications i.e., router, power over ethernet, intranet working stations, server equipment's and HUB etc.