Cable ducts are the best ever solution recommended for signal, telecom and power cables for every application.

JMV is now up with polyolefin cable channel / injection moulded cable duct used for the placement and maintenance of any type of cables and pipes for protection against external influences and they can be relied on. This remarkable advancement in technology for safety dealings of the cables are manufactured using special polymers called Polyolefin that are chemically inert. The process of manufacturing of cable ducts, is injection moulding which gives better dimensional stability. We use specially formulated plastic material which ensures greater insulation attributes from external influences. Cable duct so manufactured is weightless making it easy for handling, installations and requires no special provision/ instruments for its installations.

These are basically the replacement of your RCC cable ducts which are heavy and bulky in nature and comprises much civil work at the time of installation. Plastic cable ducts on the other hand are light in weight, do not need any civil work for installation. These are suitable for-

  • Railways
  • Metros
  • Airports
  • Substations
  • Tunnels
  • Oil and Gas
  • Solar