Having Problems in Existing installed System?? Get our Services for Audit & Site Survey

JMV is now indulged in the Auditing & Site Survey service for the existing systems as well as for the new systems. We are having a well-skilled servicing team of experienced electrical, electronics and design engineers who will help you out to understand the problem existing in your system because of which your equipment are getting damaged even after the installation of earthing, LPS or Surge Protection Devices.

Many a times we have noticed that due to lack of beforehand site survey at the time of installation or due to aged system or because of discontinuity in connections, we get issues in the proper working of the sensitive equipment or our plant. As per our experience of site auditing, we have noticed that in most of the cases the wiring for the surge protection devices is wrongly connected. Also, many a times the maintenance team of the plant or system didn’t know about the functioning of the SPD, sometimes it happens that the installed SPD has been damaged months ago due to a higher surge and now that damaged SPD only is causing the problems in our system.

Similarly, in case of existing Lightning Protection system or existing Earthing system, the proper continuity was maintained at the time installation, but due to lack of proper maintenance it has broken now. Due to which lightning strikes affecting our system directly or indirectly.

Our team is having vast knowledge about all these issues. They will do the full audit of your system and reach to the root cause of your problem and then we will provide you the best solution for that.

For new projects also, before completing the designing we suggest to conduct the site-survey before finalization the order so that the components shall be decided as per the material type and installation feasibility of the project.

If you are also facing any type of problem in your existing system like Oil & Gas Plant, Switchyard, Tunnels, Data Centre or any other industry. Contact us today and book your slot for Site Survey & Auditing of your application.

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