JMV will provide you the complete solution with Validation of Design using 3D Graphs & Reports

CDEGS is an advance software which makes the designing and validation of design possible and much easier for us. JMV, being a one-stop solution provider, offers you its services of designing with the help of CDEGS only so that you can ensure that you have got the most practical and cost effective solution for your project.

As per standard IEEE 80, the recommended software for accurate results that provide the desired value for earthing system is named as CDEGS (Current Distribution, Electromagnetic Interference, Grounding and Soil Structure Analysis) software. It provides the touch and step value that prevent from electric shocks, ground rise and potential rise value that eliminate the potential difference that further forbid the current which are approaching towards the ground. This software is inbuilt with eight successive modules that provide precise result in current distribution above and under the ground, lightning protection designing as per IS/IEC 62305, EMI & EMC studies, cathodic current protection.  The modules provide the accurate value or result along with the proper soil analysis. The 3-D graphical report generation is also possible while using CDEGS software.

CDEGS is designed on the basis of IEEE 80 and all its modules are complying the standards- IEEE 80, IEEE 998, IEEE 81, IS/IEC 62305. With this remarkable software, the designing can be done as per the real time site data to have the accurate results and solution for the project.

Most of the time when we do the earthing calculations manually through excel sheets, we have to do the calculations on the assumption basis. For instance, we have to take only one soil resistivity of the location so either we select the higher one or we take the average value. Because of which what happens, either we under design the system or we over design the system which increase our project cost unnecessarily. So, to avoid all these scenarios, CDEGS software comes into the role.

With CDEGS software, the detailed soil resistivity analysis is possible and with that study we can analyse the type of soil we are having at the location along with the no, of layers that soil contains and the resistivity of every layer of soil respectively. By utilizing this data, we will be able to design a multi-layered earthing grid for our switchyards, metro stations, tunnels, structural Earthing and for any other type of earthing as well. In this way, the over-designing and the under-designing situation will be eliminated and we will get the accurate results.

This software allows us to validate our solution at the time of designing only, with the help of 3D graphical representation and calculation reports of step & touch potential, ground potential rise & earth resistance calculation.

Also, for Lightning protection designing, 3D simulation of the building is very much possible with CDEGS. After the risk assessment calculation, the designing ca be done as per IS/IEC 62305 on Rolling Sphere Method/ Mesh Method / Protection Angle Method. It gives the validation of LPS design as well with the help of protected area images with Green and Red Colour Coding. So that we can be sure that our structure is completely protected with the select level of protection, selected method of protection and selected no. of air terminals as shown in figure.

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Lightning Protection of Metro Station Building

Lightning Protection of Metro Station Building

Lightning Protection of Bridge

Lightning Protection of Bridge