30 Oct, 2021

Nowadays, the rise of disaster cases is being reported many times. The sudden increases in hazardous events lead to serious decision making things. When we talk about the dangerous disaster then we meant earthquake, floods, and many more in which the shortage of electricity creates immense problems to operate rescue missions to help out many lives who might be surviving the horrifying situation.

As we know in rescue operations, the work of loading logistics equipment and other necessary things is the main aim of the same and to continue this work without any disturbance there must be proper lighting to ensure things would be taken care of perfectly. In that case, the unavailability of light develops many hurdles in the way of liberating.

By considering all the above-mentioned facts, the innovation of inflatable tower light becomes a worthwhile device.


An inflatable tower light is a portable device and a perfect source of lighting in the larger area within minutes. This device comprises many components such as blower, generator, lamp, and gensets, and so on. All together form the finest featuring lighting device which has a height of 4.5 meters from the level of the ground. To operate the same, the first user has to start the generator and after that blower then the user must on the switch which spread its brightest illumination through the 400 W MH equipped lamp.


  1. The tower height is 4.5 meters long.
  2. Device Weight is 45 Kg.
  3. It is equipped with 4 engine stroke.
  4. Closing time is approx.4 minutes.
  5. Outfitted with 400W metal halide (light source).
  6. Provide the brightness of 42,000 lumens.
  7. Towering extension time is 60second.
  8. The tank has the capacity to store 8 litres.
  9. Generator Type works on petrol.


  1. It is usable for the Panchayat Level
  2. Advisable for the Relief Camps
  3. Fruitful for the Rural and Urban Police Stations
  4. For fire stations in Rural/Urban areas.
  5. Reliable device to deal with Multipurpose Cyclone Shelters


  1. Device has the glare-free Light.
  2. Transportation is quite simple.
  3. Device deployment is quick.
  4. It is inbuilt with the power source

In conclusion, we can say, that risk of getting backfired during the time of rescue missions with equipment like loose wires, floodlights can be eliminated easily by using inflatable tower light instead.