Electrical safety requires extra preventive measures when comes to high power roles

Playing with power is the most dangerous game to have. One shall not take any risk while playing with the power segments. Hence, electrical safety plays a very important role when comes to power generation, transmission & distribution.

JMV LPS LIMITED is very well equipped with Earthing & Lightning Protection System for substations, switchyards, power electrical equipment etc. We are the leading OEM for Earthing&Lightning Protection System. Being an OEM, we are very much capable to do the innovations and customizations as per the application and project requirement. We are having the most accurate software available in the world till now i.e., CDEGS software by using which we shall support the proper and accurate designing along with proper validation of the design. The software is working on the latest codes and standards- IS 3043, IEEE 80, IEEE 998, IS/IEC 62305. JMV is having the largest in-house design team to assist you with your projects efficiently.

Also, we are regularly indulged in the site survey and adequacy studies for existing transmission towers, distribution towers, existing switchyards, substations etc. to be done by the skilled servicing team as per IEEE 998 and IEEE 81.

Also, for easy cable laying we are offering the injection molded plastic cable ducts which are the replacement of bulky RCC cable ducts/trenches to ease the installation as well as maintenance of power & S&T cables.