Electrical Safety of The Structures- The Most Important Aspect As Per NBC 2016

Design of Earthing & Lightning Protection is a big challenge for newly developed infrastructure. We are running out of spaces for multiple earthing (Power/ data /LPS / ELV / Lifts etc.). Also, infra is getting intelligent & digital with more sensitive electronics on board like Signaling/ Telecom / CCTVs etc. Benchmark of resistance value is getting high (Even less than 0.5 Ohms is the new requirement). Moreover, today's Infrastructure are Utilizing overhead spaces by installing solar panels, cooling towers, chillers, exhaust fans, metallic pipes etc. Electromagnetic Interferences and couplings due to earth potential rise is a big thought for Sensitive electronics. Electrical Safety is a challenge while meeting the requirements.

Lightning protection systems are recommended for all high-rise structures to reduce the risk of damage sustained from a lightning strike. The amperage from a lightning smack can be approximately 2,000 times more than the current in a typical building. Usually, lightning invades a structure by striking directly on the building, hitting a tree or structure or striking a power line that provides a path into the structure.

Now, NBC 2016 has mandated the installation of Lightning Protection System on every type of structure as per IS/IEC 62305 as per which a detailed risk assessment should be done thoroughly. With the help risk assessment calculation, the need of protection and the level of protection should be decided for designing purpose. JMV has developed the lightning risk assessment calculator to ease the calculation as per IS/IEC 62305-2 for different structures like, hospitals, residential, commercial etc.

Also, JMV is having the largest design team who is regularly assisting with their best designing skills to achieve the practical design solution for any type of structure. Also, our team is very well skilled for the designing of structural Lightning Protection System as per IS/IEC 62305 and NBC 2016 so as to have better protection and to safeguard the aesthetic look of the building. Also, the installation is very easy with structural LPS and Structural Earthing Grid System.

Being a leading OEM, we are very much capable to do the customizations as per the application requirement and as per the challenges we generally face at the time of installation. We are having the in-house R&D center and component designing team as well to cater customize the components as per the requirement. Also, we are having the in-house testing labs to ensure the quality of each and every component of Earthing and Lightning protection system as per latest IEC 62561 series.