Electrical Safety- an uttermost priority to be taken care for Airport Towers & Structures

We are regularly indulged in the electrical safety of the airport’s premises. We are providing the complete solution designing for the lightning protection system as per IS/IEC 62305 and NBC 2016 in order to protect them from the devastating effects of lightning strikes.

Also, we are ensuring the safer working of all the electronic equipment installed in the airports from the indirect surge generation or transients along with the proper equipotential bonding by having an accurate earthing system designed by using the computer-aided software like CDEGS. The design through software helps us in the validation of the design before actually installing it so that we can ensure the complete safety of our application.

Our team follows opportune procedures that commenced from analyzing, designing, supplying, and installation. JMV solution always endures premium quality results as we are having the in-house testing facility for each and every component of Earthing, Lightning Protection & Surge Protection Devices. Our certified equipment eradicates the hazard and enhances the life of contrivances that automatically resulted in a longer lifespan of the system.

Also, for highly sensitive electronics, in order to maintain the Voltage level of less than 0.5V, we are offering Intelligent Grounding Module to provide those sensitive electronics a proper earthing without actually having the physical earth.