Smart Security for smart cities

JMV holds vast experience in providing electrical protection to smart cities. These smart cities are the future of the country. As we all know, the idea of smart cities comes with power generation by renewable sources of energy- PV Plants, wind farms, etc. For proper working of such applications, they should have proper earthing and Lightning Protection System to ensure the safety from the devastating effects of direct lightning strikes or any fault current generation.

We at JMV are more believe in-to complete solution providing to our clients from designing till installation. Also, we believe in regular value engineering & design optimization in the field of earthing, lightning protection, and surge protection devices in order to achieve practical and accurate results.

This industry is fully working upon electronic systems that automatically welcome the threat generated through the fault current and lightning strikes. For the elimination of the same risk, JMV provides the maintenance-free earthing system, structural lightning protection system, telecommunication surge protectors, dataline surge arrestor, EV charger, solar surge protection devices, and many more.

Our skilled designing and testing teams are always available with their skills to provide you the best possible solution along with the tested products as per the latest IEC standards so as to ensure the best quality of each and every product.

For accurate designing, we are having the world’s best available computer-aided software to have practical solutions by catering to all the possible challenges that can be arises in different projects and applications.

We are having our own in-house research and development center to do the innovations in this emerging era to cope up with latest technologies of electronics and to serve them proper protection from any kind of surge/transient.