Removing electrical disturbance for techno-friendly world

JMV, the electrical safety organization deals with the telecommunication industry for a very long time. We provide our clients the lightning protection for telecommunication towers to prevent indirect lightning surges.

We believe in providing end-to-end solutions as in today’s world the massive utilization of digital networking is increasing especially in terms of telecommunication and computer similarly JMV is also expanding. Our team of elite engineers works on designing (by using various computer-aided software) that helps to detect where exactly the implantation of the device is needed. Furthermore, the manufacturing of the required product is our expertise as the products we provide you by the following testing as per IEC standard series. We also ensure the proper installation at your place as the quality is our first priority.

As we know the wide use of telecommunication or computer networking technologies leads towards the connection breakage due to inference in the signaling line. To overcome such interferences we offer the RJ11, RJ45, MDF based technology, and AC/DC serial port surge protection devices to abstract the perturbance and engender a shielded way for a signal traveling. Our product range is efficacious for many systems as it works for optical, radio, the transmission of signal, and the other electromagnetic system etc.

JMV operates decisive operations just to provide you the best protection system to surmount such problems. We overture the earthing system in the telecom and signaling as well.