Providing the safest way to store chemicals with no longer electrical threat

Looking after the real-time challenges for oil and gas industries, Petroleum Refineries are the complex structures installed in acres of outskirts areas. These complex Oil & Gas Facility (On Shore & Off Shore) are more prone to direct lightning strikes & damages. Refinery Process Plant: Metallic Pipelines junk in total facility are getting more interactive to lightning electromagnetic pulses. Also, Dispatch & collection center are facing an issue of cathodic protection due to changing the potential of the pipeline by means of interference voltages. As a result, Loss of human life & physical damages is at high risk. The safety of electric appliances is a fundamental or imperative desideratum of the oil and gas industry to avert precarious scenarios.

We at JMV, are working rigorously with the refineries like IOCL, HPCL, GAIL, OIL, BPCL and many more to serve them with the better and practical solution to achieve better electrical safety in the plant. We are regularly indulged in the adequacy studies of pre-existing plants and refineries for their existing Earthing & Lightning Protection System.

We are the leading OEM for Earthing, Lightning Protection & Surge Protection Devices. Being an OEM, we are very much capable to do the innovations and customizations as per the application and project requirement. We are having the most accurate software available in the world till now i.e., CDEGS software by using which we shall support the refineries with proper and accurate designing along with proper validation of the design. The software is working on the latest codes and standards- IS 3043, IEEE 80, IS/IEC 62305, NBC 2016. JMV is having the largest in-house design team to assist you with your projects efficiently.

JMV is very much capable to serve you with Earthing, Lightning Protection, Surge Protection and Cathodic protection requirement for your refineries and also,we are having the India’s first in-house testing lab facility to ensure the best quality of each and every component that to be installed. Having an in-house testing department, we are very much capable to conduct the testing as per latest IEC codes.